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We are excited about our upcoming re-launch which will include even more fantastic services to meet the needs of our clients.

    AAbout Us

    Whether you’re a public figure, a private business or a government agency, you’re competing with millions of messages for attention and influence. Second Line Consulting utilizes a combination of deep experience and mastery of technology to ensure that you are saying the right thing and that your audience hears what you are saying.

    Public Figures
    We understand that your reputation is one of the most valuable assets you have and that your role in the public eye can be challenging. Second Line Consulting works with your team to broaden your base of support as you campaign for awards or elections, helps you to maximize positive press exposure and protects your image when things don’t go as planned. Our clients trust us to help them feel comfortable and confident when the cameras start rolling no matter what scenario comes their way.

    Even growth can become a crisis if it is not managed properly. As your business changes, let us help you to reinforce your relationships with your clients and maintain the support of your board members. New product launches, management transitions and unfavorable press are all scenarios that can either be stumbling blocks or opportunities. Let Second Line Consulting help you to reduce your stress and capitalize on what comes next.

    Government Officials and Agencies
    Timing is everything when it comes to official communication. Launch a message without making sure that it is clear and it can result in misunderstandings or push-back. Wait too long before reaching out to communities and you could miss a chance to build public confidence, advance key initiatives or improve safety. The team at Second Line Consulting has experience passing controversial legislation, educating the public to shift opinion and helping to manage emergency situations.

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