Media Strategy

Media Strategy

The biggest media myth is that your competition is sitting in an office across town. When it comes to effectively delivering your message, your competition includes the latest celebrity gossip, today’s sports scores, endless national political news, dozens of social streams, headlines popping up on screens twenty-four hours a day, and billion-dollar advertising budgets.

How do you penetrate a wall of noise long enough for your targeted audience to notice you…and then make sure they remember you long enough to take action?

An effective media strategy can grow sales, help move legislation forward, or increase donations to your organization. The Second Line Consulting team has experience crafting speeches, coaching people to appear on camera or in front of crowds, and anticipating questions from the media or your board.

We are among the nation’s top firms when it comes to messaging and brand positioning. Our clients see impactful results long after their message is delivered. SLC leverages a combination of industry relationships and cutting-edge technology. We raise awareness of your message and actively reinforce it so that it gains traction.

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