Our Philosophy

The Second Line Approach

Who you trust when so much is on the line?

Your choices matter more when critical events happen to you or your organization. Whether it is steering the direction of your reputation, reaching out to your customers or voters at a precise moment, or handling a situation that didn’t go along to plan, we understand that sharing who you are with the public matters to you.

We begin with a thorough assessment.

Your organization is important to you, which is why your goals are important to us. We begin each client relationship by making it a point to understand where you are, who you are, and where you are working to go. Our approach is not just about the newest technology or the most media coverage; it’s about leveraging these powerful tools for a bigger purpose.

We work with your existing leadership and vendors to develop a comprehensive strategy.

We recognize the pressure that you are under and that often every moment counts. That’s why we will quickly develop a strategy that fully addresses the complexity and gravity of the decisions that you will need to make. Often there is a balance between the ideal solution and doing what is necessary to satisfy the needs of clients, board members, investors, advisers, voters, prospective customers, donors and – most importantly – your own vision. Until all of those needs are met, our work on your behalf isn’t done.

We are uncompromising in implementation.

Once the right strategy has been authorized by you and your team, we utilize our rare combination of skills, relationships, and experience to exceed your expectations. Consistent communication, measurable results reporting, and the delivery of sound, meaningful solutions are what we pride ourselves on providing. The decisions you make during times of transition or growth are crucial, but part of our job is to alleviate the stress you feel during these times. With Second Line Consulting, things will be handled in a manner that brings the best version of you forward for the world to see.