Reputation Management

Not seeing what you hoped for online or in the press? Changing the narrative is all about influence and control.

Stockholders and consumers are using online information to research corporate leadership, political figures, celebrities, and personal brands more than ever before. There are numerous places for them to find where others have left negative reviews, “hit piece” articles, and unflattering documentation. Websites that replicate that information are launched constantly. One negative story – whether it is true or not – can spread like a virus across the internet in a matter of moments.

What can be more problematic is when they have trouble finding anything about you at all.

This is where Second Line Consulting can help.

Waiting to see if a problem arises is ceding your reputation to chance. By inserting your message into the media conversation, we will entice people to learn who you are, what you stand for, and why your message is important to them.

Being proactive and taking control of the conversation is the best way to protect yourself and your brand.

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